Due to the Swiss Snow Happening (20 - 24.3.) there will be restrictions on the ski slopes before and during the event. Current Information

Electricity shortage in your holiday destination

As a winter destination, we are dependent on electricity. Representatives of the Lenk local authority, Lenk Bergbahnen, the trade association, the retailers’ association and Lenk-Simmental Tourism are aware of the situation and had an initial meeting in September to discuss the current and possible developments. There may be restrictions on tourism offers in winter 2022/23 due to official orders. Which ones specifically are not known at the moment. Up-to-date information will be posted on this page and on the page of the Canton of Berne (in German).

The local partners call on all locals and guests to use energy carefully. The aim is to ensure that as much as possible is saved voluntarily and that Switzerland does not get into a shortage situation in the first place. Specifically, we propose the following recommendations and measures from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy:

Turn down the heating

  • Please lower the temperature in your holiday flat when it is not occupied. It would be an advantage to discuss this with your flatmates in the house. We launched the “Make heat simple” programme with Energy Switzerland on the same topic a year ago.

Extinguishing lights

  • Burning lights in an empty room waste energy unnecessarily. Switch them off when you leave the room.

Turn off appliances properly

  • Computers, TV sets and coffee machines consume energy even in stand-by and sleep mode. Therefore, always switch off these devices completely, especially when leaving the holiday flat.