COVID-19 measures | Lenk-Simmental

Covid-19 protective measures in Lenk and the Simmental

A safe stay for all

At the moment, everything is different. Together we will make the most of it. That’s why we protect ourselves and others and comply with protective measures that are in line with the FOPH’s guidelines. The protective measures and information are regularly adapted to the current situation.

General protective measures

  • In order not to overload the local testing capacities, we ask all guests to arrive with a valid Covid certificate.
  • For an on-site test, an appointment must be made with the doctor’s office in each case.
  • Masks are compulsory in many public areas. We wear a mouth and nose protection.
  • We maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • We wash and disinfect our hands regularly. Disinfectants and washing facilities are available in many places.
  • In case of symptoms of illness, we stay at home or in our accommodation. By using the SwissCovid App we can make an additional contribution to the protection of everyone.
  • Whenever possible, we pay cashless or buy tickets online.
  • There are no private meetings with more than 30 people (including kids). Meetings in public spaces are limited to a maximum of 50 people.
  • From 13 September, the Covid certificate will be compulsory in certain places.
  • All information from the FOPH to the actual situation.

from 21.09.2021


In Lenk and the Simmental, general protective measures apply in all public areas. For some activities and in some establishments, additional rules must be observed.

Cable cars

  • We adhere to the protection concept of cable car company of Lenk.
  • We wear a mouth-and-nose protection (e.g. a mask or a neck warmer) during the whole trip.
  • The windows in the gondolas remain open for continuous ventilation during the ride.
  • The gondolas are regularly disinfected.
  • We wash and disinfect our hands regularly.
  • Buy tickets online in advance if possible.

Restaurants & inns

  • Covid certification is mandatory in the interiors of restaurants and hotel restaurants.
  • The terraces and the inside rooms of restaurants and inns are open, some offer take-away and delivery services.


  • A Covid certificate is not required for overnight stays.
  • A Covid certificate is mandatory for visits to the accommodation’s restaurant or breakfast buffet/offer.
  • In accommodations that we share with other guests, we wear a mouth and nose mask in all public areas.
  • If possible, the hosts will provide contactless check-in & check-out.
  • Accommodations are regularly cleaned and disinfected.


  • There is a Covid certificate requirement for indoor activities.

Medical help and contact person for tests

If symptoms occur, please do not visit the doctor’s surgery or hospital until you have made an appointment by telephone.

Dr. med. Hählen
Schanzenstrasse 3, 3775 Lenk
Phone +41 33 733 16 01,
Corona rapid test possible.

Lenk Praxiszentrum
Aegertenstrasse 35, 3775 Lenk
Tel. +41 33 553 30 55,
Corona rapid test possible.

Dr. med. Maier
Mühlegasse 1, 3770 Zweisimmen
Phone +41 33 722 31 31
Corona rapid test possible.

Emergency at Zweisimmen Hospital
Karl Haueter-Strasse 21, 3770 Zweisimmen
Phone +41 58 636 99 98,
Only PCR test

Due to company holidays and the issuing of permits for the issuing of certificates, changes are reserved.