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A special experience in the alps

Let's go to the Alps

Oberstockenalp mit Cheibehorn

Accompany an Alp family for one or two days in their alpine home and help them with carry out all their daily duties, whether it be working with cheese, herding or milking cows, making hay, or putting up fences. In the Alps, you have the world at your feet, but there is also work to do. It is best to experience what it is like in the Alps for yourself.

A day in the Alps starts early with the sunrise; the first task is to milk the animals. In the afternoon, the cheese is made and the cheese wheels in the cheese cellar are attended to. The massive cheese wheels need to be brushed and oiled – making you feel like you have spent the day in the gym. There is much to expect in the Alps: maintaining pastures, checking-up on the cows, making hay and more. All that physical work builds up an appetite and makes sitting down comfortably at a set table even more satisfying.

The friendships you build with the animals and the alpine family as well as all your impressions will be sweet memories for you for a lifetime.

There are two different families with whom you can experience life in the Alps.

Alp Grosser Bäder | Samuel & Luzia Gerber, Niklaus & Therese Gerber, Hans & Ursula Heimberg Families | Jaunpass | CH-3766 Boltigen
Tel. Alp +41 79 430 95 55 | Tel. Valley +41 33 783 11 21 | therese.gerber@gmx.ch

Oberstockenalp | Werner & Vreni Bühler Family | Berggasthaus Oberstockenalp | CH-3762 Erlenbach
Tel. Alp +41 33 681 14 88 | Tel. Valley +41 033 681 11 69 | info@oberstockenalp.ch


Dates and Registration
The Alp is farmed from mid-June until October. Please register by phone with the Alp.

Important information
A visit to the Alp must be organized a few days in advance. The Alps are real farms and can not adapt their daily program to your wishes. Access to the Alp by car mostly not possible, a walk has to be expected. Foreign languages ​​are not spoken.

1 Day 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
2 days starting on the first day at 4 p.m. and ending on the second day at 5 p.m.

Price for 1 Day
including meals
CHF 45.– adults
CHF 25.– for children 12 and under

Price for 2 Days
including overnight stay and meals
CHF 70.– adults
CHF 50.– for children 12 and under

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Lenk-Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35

Lenk-Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35