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Alpine flower trail Betelberg

Colourful variety of species


We've all heard of alpine roses, arnica and gentian, but the meadows along the original alpine flower trail (Alpenblumenweg) are also populated with many other species. And everything comes from Mother Nature! There are around 95 signs dotted about to help you identify the lesser known alpine flowers. You will come across a variety of species, which unfortunately doesn't happen very often.

Access to the original alpine flower trail (circular route) on the Betelberg is at 2'000 m a.s.l. and is located right next to Leiterli mountain station. Simmental cows spend the summer here on the Alp, in the middle of the most beautiful meadows filled with alpine flowers. All of a sudden, a butterfly flutters by, a dragonfly buzzes near the pond, or the lark starts to sing. And with a little luck, you'll hear a marmot whistle too. Many marmots have dug their burrows along the alpine flower trail and tend to come out during the day. Take a little time to gaze at the wonders and enjoy the slow pace of things.


Opening times
Unless the weather turns extreme, the alpine flower trail will be open from June to September. Please observe the Betelberg gondola operating times.

The operating times and prices for Betelberg gondola are available from the Lenk Bergbahnen website.

New in Summer 2020
The section Leiterli to Steinstoss is also labelled this summer. The easy hiking trail is also suitable for leisurely walkers and people with prams.

Blooming period
Up to 70 species of flower are out in bloom in July and August.

1,6 kilometres

Start and end
The original alpine flower trail is a circular route that starts and ends at Leiterli mountain station.

Food and drink
We recommend Berghotel Leiterli, which is located right by Leiterli mountain station.

Guided tours
With the passionate and local alpine flower specialist Margrit Dubi you will be guided through the alpine flower trail. You can discover the exciting, versatile and characteristic world of alpine flora.

14/23 June, 10/19 July and 12 August 2020.

CHF 15.– adults
CHF 7.– kids up to 16 years old

Until the day before directly at Lenk Bergbahnen, +41 33 736 30 30.

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Lenk Bergbahnen

Badstrasse 1
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 30 30

Lenk Bergbahnen

Badstrasse 1
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 30 30