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An adrenaline boost on two wheels

Biken Betelberg Lenk

Cycling into the mountains and valleys of Simmental – fun for all levels. Get your pulse racing and enjoy the landscape passing by.

Simmental offers a whole range of bike tours for beginners and advanced riders. From tarmacked roads and natural paths to rocky, and technically challenging mountain trails – with us there is something for everyone. Mountain biking has grown significantly in popularity since the eighties. Thanks to advances in the design and materials used, this high performance sport is safer and more appealing than ever. And the Swiss Alps provide an extremely varied terrain for it. With its gentle pre-alpine and high-alpine landscape, Simmental offers the ideal topographical conditions for cycling. The crossings into the neighbouring valleys of Saanenland and Engstligen/Kandertal are also inviting.

Lenk routes:
• Lenk – Aegerten – Sulzig – Leiterli
• Lenk – Bühlberg – Hahnenmoos
• Lenk – Iffigenalp

St. Stephan routes:
• Matten – Oberstäg – Albristbachbrücke – Stalde – Matten
• St. Stephan – Ufem Ried – Rüti – Fermelstrasse – Matten – St. Stephan
• St. Stephan – Ried – Lengebrand – Chalberweid – Würtebüel – Schwarzbrand – St. Stephan

Boltigen routes:
• Boltigen – Weissenbach – Eschi – Reidenbach – Schwarzenmatt – Schlünderen – Matte – Boltigen
• Boltigen – Schweitwegen – Spitzhöri – Brand – Moosfang – Chaltebrune – Vita – Parcour – Boltigen
• Boltigen – Garstatt – Laubegg – Grubenwald – Hofstetten – Luegle – Dachweg – Chlättermatt – Boltigen

In the Tourist Center Lenk or Boltigen, you can get two topographic bike maps of the areas Adelboden – Frutigen – Lenk and Gstaad – Lenk – Adelboden for CHF 24.50. The destination also boasts wonderful single trails, which are not marked on the map. The local cycling guides will be happy to share this experience with you.


Guided tours with cycling guide and technique lessons
To discover the most beautiful trails and improve your technique, we recommend the local guides from Bergluft Sport, INTERSPORT Troxler and Trailstar.

Tour planner
Find your perfect tour in the tour planner.

Professional advice from experts, sales, rentals, service and clothing – Bergluft Bike Lenk, INTERSPORT Troxler and Sputnik Zweisimmen.

Charging stations E-Bikes
At Lenkerhof gourmet spa resort and at Restaurant Bühlberg you will find three charging stations (sockets) each for E-Bikes.

Bike wash
It is now possible to clean your bike at the sports area TEC.

Transport: Lenk Bergbahnen
Day passes for the bike transport can be purchased from Lenk Bergbahnen for CHF 5.–.
Day passes for the bike transport at Lenk and in Adelboden can be purchased from Lenk Bergbahnen for CHF 10.–.
Season passes for the bike transport at Lenk can be purchased from Lenk Bergbahnen for CHF 60.–.

No discount with the daily GA and the daily GA from the municipality!
The Höchstbahn doesn’t transport any bikes.

The mountain bike route 5 (section Leiterli-Pöschenried) is only available at the weekend.

Mountainbike maps Bernese Oberland
More detailed maps are available in the Tourist Center Lenk.

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Lenk Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35

Lenk Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35