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Cave raclette on the Stockhorn

Raclette on the mountain – Raclette in the mountain

Stockhorn Höhlenraclette

An exclusive cave raclette allows you to combine the extraordinary ambiance of unfamiliar caves on Stockhorn with an almost ordinary raclette feast. Following a short guided hike from the Chrindi to the Cheibenhorn, you will visit the first impressive cave – the «Mordsloch» (murder hole). Afterwards, you will be taken to the «Gemüsekeller» (vegetable cellar). You will then enjoy your raclette.

The cave evokes a variety of emotions: fascination, feelings of security, experiencing something new and even insecurity. The company Firma InCave GmbH, a cave specialist, wants to enthuse as many people as possible for caves and is therefore offering the cave raclette on Stockhorn in an easily accessible cave in order not to daunt «cave newcomers». Following the raclette you will enjoy a fine dessert as the finale before returning to the Chrindi.

The hike to and in the caves requires surefootedness and no fear of heights. The route follows some official hiking paths, but also leads through open terrain. The total hiking time is approximately 2 hours. Because clothes can become dirty, we recommend that you dress in old clothes.


Important information
The cave raclette is offered every Thursday between mid-June and mid-October as well as every third Sunday in each month between July and October. You find the dates here.

The meeting point is always at 10.00 a.m. at the middle station Chrindi next to the large wooden rocking horse. The event lasts approximately 5 hours.

The cave raclette is offered according to arrangement for groups of 10 persons or more.

Combo-ticket adults: CHF 140.–
Combo-ticket children: Special price
(including cable car ride Erlenbach-Chrindi return, guided hike and cave tour of the Mordsloch, safety material, raclette à discrétion with a small raclette oven to take with you, dessert and coffee at the mountain chalet Oberstockenalp)

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InCave GmbH

Bernstrasse 7
CH-3032 Hinterkappelen
Tel. +41 76 338 10 62

InCave GmbH

Bernstrasse 7
CH-3032 Hinterkappelen
Tel. +41 76 338 10 62