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Desire for towel weaving

As one of the oldest handicrafts, you are joining the trend

Handtuch weben Ursula Amsler

Are you fascinated by coloured, striped or chequered handwoven fabrics? Would you like to weave a trendy towel after your own colour design? Self-made fashion is in vogue and during this workshop you get to weave your own creation on a large loom in one afternoon.

Let the expert women at Webateliers (Weaving Atelier) Obersimmental introduce you to the traditional technique of weaving. Enjoy doing the work by hand with boat and coil, using your foot to operate the large loom and the views of the Wildstrubel. Get first-hand experience weaving each thread into a longer piece of fabric and watch how it grows into a towel. With the motto «Slow Food for the Soul», you will weave the most creative souvenir from Simmental.


Protective measures
A Covid certificate obligation applies.

21 october to 9 december 2021, every thursday
6 january to 7 april 2022, every thursday
The courses can be attended by a maximum of 4 people, covid certificates are compulsory.

From 1.00 to approx. 5.00 p.m.

CHF 45.– per person including material.
The course is aimed towards adults and children 12 years of age and older or families with children aged 12 and over.

Course Location
Webatelier Obersimmental, Matten Schoolhouse, Matten by St. Stephan

Reserve a day before by 5 p.m. at Lenk-Simmental Tourism

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Lenk-Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
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