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Family bicycle

Explore Simmental on four wheels

Lenk-Simmental Vierradvelo

Come rain or shine, the four-wheeled family bicycle is a once in a lifetime experience for the whole family. With four times the amount of muscle power, you will arrive at your destination in good time.

The roof protects you from heat and precipitation and the upholstered seats are the ticket to a comfortable ride. There is enough room for four pedalling people as well as two other small children and enough views for all to enjoy. The flat valley floor is especially ideal for longer excursions on the Lenkseeli (small lake in Lenk) or along the bike route – even to Zweisimmen. Combine your strength and go!


The family bicycle can be hired directly by the kiosk at Lenkerseeli (1 family bicycle, no advance reservation, first come first serve).

Hire per hour
CHF 20.–

Half-day Hire | 3 hours
CHF 30.–

Full-day Hire| 6 hours
CHF 50.–

  • Cycling & bike
  • Families
  • Relaxation
  • Sport

Kiosk Lenkerseeli

Kiosk Lenkerseeli