Hiking and mountain trails

Hike over rough and smooth in breath-taking landscapes

Boasting over 600 kilometers of signposted hiking and mountain trails, Simmental and Lenk are both a paradise for hikers. Untouched and mystical, full of secrets and yet, at the same time, familiar. Experience nature and marvel at the steel-blue mountain lakes, the mysterious forests, the Plaine Morte Glacier and the roaring waterfalls.

When the snow gives way to the lush alpine meadows in spring, the verdant valley awakens the Simme from its hibernation and emerges as a lovely paradise for hikers. Simmental has, thanks to its special characteristics, a hiking trail for every taste. The flat valley floor is ideal for long walks as well as the perfect starting point for more challenging mountain ascents. The passages into the near-lying valleys or over the Rawil Pass into Canton Wallis are particularly appealing. Take a tour through the mountains and hike through varied terrain like the Plaine Morte Glacier beneath the Wildstrubel or visit the Wildhorn and walk over the glacier with a group.

Have a dizzying experience on the 111 meter high and 111 meter long Leiternweide Suspension Bride in Oberwil. Those who like to collect punches should go wandering with the Bergbeizen Pass. Those who visit 8 of the 19 Bergbeizen Restaurants in the Simmental will receive a great prize. If your goal is to reach a particular summit or you would like an expert companion, there are knowledgeable hiking and mountain guides who will gladly take you through Simmental. Leave your worries behind on a multiple day trip such as the Tour du Wildhorn or the Alpness Trail and enjoy winding down in the mountains.

Berghäuser (mountain houses) and SAC Hütten (huts) offer accommodation for multiple day trips. After a hike or a mountain tour do not forget to take in the views and to delight in the rustic chalet menus.

The national Hiking Route 1 (Via Alpina) goes through Simmental. Lenk is the finishing and starting point of the Via Alpina section which goes straight through Switzerland. Descriptions of Simmental's local routes can also be found on SchweizMobil.


Mountain Railways
The Lenk and Stockhorn mountain railways will take you up. Hours of operation can be found directly on each of their websites.

Hiking and Mountain Guides
Trained hiking and mountain guides will take you safely and eventfully over the hiking and mountain trails. Book your favourite.

Tour planner
Find your perfect tour in the tour planner.

Hiking Maps
Hiking Map Lenk (1:25’000) with route descriptions is available in the Tourist Center Lenk and on the Online shop.

Hiking Map St. Stephan with route descriptions is available in the municipal administration St. Stephan.

Hiking Map Boltigen with route descriptions is available in the Tourist Centre Boltigen.

25’000 maps of the Region Bernese Oberland can be purchased in the Tourist Center.

Local sporting stores will give you competent advice concerning hiking, trekking, and outdoor clothing.

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Lenk-Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35

Lenk-Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35