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Ice stock

Scandinavian farmers curling at Lenk

Ice stock, which has roots in farmers curling, is a sport that is based on precision and has similarities to curling and bowls. Ice stock is exciting both for absolute beginners and seasoned club members. It is a simple game that is well-suited to anybody with no experience on the ice.

All you need to play ice stock is a stock and a puck, an ice rink and players. The aim of the game is to get your own stock into the best possible position and hit or push the other stocks. Unlike curling, ice stock is played on roughened ice and therefore, brooms are not needed for this sport. Ice stock on an open-air ice rink is an ideal activity to pass the time, even when the weather is bad.


The ice rink is closed.

Operating times
The operating times may be amended at short notice because of bookings, and so on. You’ll find these operating times here.

Protective measures
Current regulations allow children and young people under the age of 16 to use the sports facility. Accompanying persons are still allowed to help with putting on the skates, but are then required to leave the area again.

All events (hockey matches, curling tournaments, ice disco) are cancelled. Masks are compulsory from the age of 12.

«Family Destination» partner
The Sportanlage TEC is partner of the certification «Family Destination» from the Swiss tourism federation.

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Sportanlage TEC

Oberriedstrasse 15
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
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Sportanlage TEC

Oberriedstrasse 15
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 733 22 04

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