Lake Iffigsee

Sapphire blue jewel at 2,065 m a.s.l.

Iffigsee Lenk

The mountain lake in the Gelten-Iffigen nature reserve above Iffigenalp invites you to linger, fish or cool off in the wet.

Lake Iffigsee can only be reached on foot. In less than two hours of walking from Iffigenalp you will be at your destination. The ascent is rewarded with fantastic views of the deep blue lake, beautifully nestled between the sheer rock face on one side and the open arena of mountain meadows on the other.

From lake Iffigsee, it is not far to the Wildhornhütte or the Tungelpass, a passage to the Saanenland. But for the first time, the surroundings are enjoyed at the lake Iffigsee.

Water rats venture into the refreshingly cold water at best - as it must be for a mountain lake. Fishermen can cast their line. With a day pass, which is bought at the Iffigenalp, fishing is allowed. Those who find flat stones can try their hand at "slating".

The water from the lake Iffigsee, which flows underground, feeds the Iffigbach stream. You drove along it on your way to the Iffigenalp and also passed by the spectacular Iffigfall. If you didn't pay attention - you have another chance on the return trip.


By bus or by car (Attention: Watch out for one-way traffic times!) to Iffigenalp. Parking spaces are available in limited numbers.

Hiking tip
Starting from Iffigenalp directly to lake Iffigsee or a round tour via Hohberg, Iffighore to Iffigsee.

Hiking time
Iffigenalp – Iffigsee: 1h40
Iffigenalp – Groppi – Hohberg – Iffighorn – Iffigsee – Groppi – Iffigenalp: 4h20

At the Berghaus Iffigenalp, note the opening hours.
If you hike up to the Wildhorn hut, there is also the possibility to stop there during the operating hours of the SAC hut.

Fishing is also possible in the lake Iffigsee, patents are available at the Berghaus Iffigenalp.

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Lenk Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35

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