Marmot trail Betelberg

A fun and charming walk for adults and children

On a journey of discovery into the world of the marmot. The walk isn't very strenuous but is a fun, eventful trail for all ages. The path takes you from Leiterli mountain station to Stoss central station.

Marmots dig out deep burrows and escape holes. Explore the marmot habitat through the accessible holes. Test your agility on the wobbly bridge or find out how many «marmots» you weigh with the marmot scales. The path takes you over a gently sloping natural path to the little lake Tuftiseeli, where you will also find a barbecue area. You can finish the last few metres to the lakelet by zip line for a little areal fun! How good are you when it comes to animal sounds and tracks? The next few stations will help you improve your knowledge. At the end, the path will take you to the maze with a barbecue area, where there is another chance to practice climbing and balancing.

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet a real-life marmot. Above the accessible marmot holes, live real marmots. Your best chance of seeing the animals playing is in the early morning, when the Leiterli isn't as busy.

Children's legs getting a bit tired? The marmot herbal balm is carefully made using a traditional method. This proven home remedy pleasantly warms and relaxes the muscles and joints when rubbed in. The balm can be purchased from Lenk Bergbahnen.

The big highlight on the Murmeli Trail is the Murmeli Building.The interactive building is located at Speichersee Leiterli about a 10-minute walk from the mountain station. The new attraction is a place to play, learn and discover. Topics such as the construction of caves, the duration of hibernation, the diet and the fat pad of the marmots are presented in a playful way. While the children explore the world of the sweet alpine inhabitants, the parents can linger at the reservoir near the barbecue area.


There are rangers on the Marmot Trail. They are happy to answer all kinds of questions about wildlife.

If you feel peckish along the way or need to stop for lunch, we can recommend Berghaus Stoss at the end of the marmot trail.

The marmot trail is suitable for all-terrain pushchairs.

A barbecue area is available with wood and a grill.

Walking time
1 hour or 1.5 hours incl. play at stations

3 kilometres

Opening times
Please observe the operating times for Betelberg gondola.

Closed from 23 October 2023.

«Family Destination» partner
The Lenk Bergbahnen are partner of the certification «Family Destination» from the Swiss tourism federation.

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Lenk Bergbahnen

Badstrasse 1
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
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Lenk Bergbahnen

Badstrasse 1
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 30 30