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Pump track Lenk

Bikes for large and small

Pumptrack Lenk

The mobile pump track offers fun for all ages and can be enjoyed with all possible types of bike. Give it a try and work on your coordination and fitness on the bumps and banked corners.

Pump tracks are compact, closed courses with small bumps and banked corners. All kinds of bikes, mini scooters, skateboards or inline skates can be used on the track. The dynamic shifting of force from the front wheel to the real wheel accelerates the bike, without having to use the pedals.

The pump track is a success and is booming worldwide. The great popularity of pump tracks is simple. For children and young people it is a cool way to be active, for hobby bikers it is an ideal place to practise and for professionals it is a perfect training area. This pump track helps Link stand out from the infrastructure offered by other tourist destinations and is also an ideal bad weather activity. The track is bfu-conform, can be customised, and also promotes coordination, fitness as well as social contact with different age groups and social groups.


Opening hours
The pump track is currently closed.

The pump track can be used free of charge, and it is accessible to everyone throughout the day.

The track can be set up outdoors or in an indoor hall, and rented by companies, associations private groups or other interested parties. For more information, please contact the Lenk Bike Club.

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Bike Club Lenk

Gutenbrunnenstrasse 17b
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental

Bike Club Lenk

Gutenbrunnenstrasse 17b
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental