Rent the Lift

The slope & the ski lift entirely for you alone

Zügwegen Jaunpass

Have you planned a winter team event where you want to have the whole slope and the ski lift for yourself? Or would you like to be able to use the entire width of the ski slope for your carving turns? Then the «Rent the Lift» offer on the Jaunpass is exactly what you need.

During the winter season, the «Zügwegen» ski lift on the Jaunpass can be hired from 4.30 p.m. for a period of two hours. The number of participants is unlimited. How the lift and the slopes are used is up to the organiser. Possible activities include skiing, sledding or slope buck riding together. And if necessary, a small race would be the perfect way to round off the event. Well-prepared slopes, numerous possibilities and an unforgettable event are guaranteed in any case!


December till march

From 4.30 p.m. for 2 hours

By bus from Boltigen (BE) and Bulle (FR) to the bus stop «Restaurant Jaunpass».
Arrival is also possible by car or bus. Parking spaces are available.

CHF 750.-

Sledges and piste blocks can be hired on request.

  • Adventure
  • Groups
  • Nature
  • Sport

Sportbahnen Jaunpass AG

CH-3766 Boltigen
Tel. +41 79 656 24 81

Sportbahnen Jaunpass AG

CH-3766 Boltigen
Tel. +41 79 656 24 81