Sibe Brünne and waterfall Simmenfälle

The source of the Simme

The springs of the River Simme, which gives the valley its name, is situated on the Rezliberg above Lenk, right at the foot of a mighty limestone wall. The Simme erupts here into a mass of white foam. In summer, up to 2'800 litres flow via the seven springs every second. The «Sibe Brünne», a magical waterfall, is a renowned source of power and a wonderful place to spend some time.

The source of the Simme with seven springs crashes from a mighty limestone wall and is fed from meltwater that has trickled away from the alpine mountains of the glacier between Wildstrubel and Rohrbachstein mountains. Seven sources of water gush out of the crevices on Rezliberg Alp like a 30-metre wide fan. The Simme joins the River Kander at Wimmis, after flowing some 50 kilometres through the Simmental valley. This in turn flows into Lake Thun.

The name of the river and the valley with the same name (Simmental), originally comes from «Sibe Brünne» (seven springs), which then became Sibne, and later, Simme

The 200-metre high Simmenfälle (Simmen Falls) come from the Simme below Rezliberg Alp. This is where the water develops a special power. The mass of water plunges through stone, forming several cascades and wrapping the surrounding area in a mist of water. From Restaurant Simmenfälle, a wide path leads up to the Barbarabrücke, from where you enjoy a good view to the spraying waters. It is safer to view the thundering waters from the Barbarabrücke bridge. Up on the bridge, you will feel the spray in your face and almost be able to touch the waterfall. The Barbarabrücke bridge or the dam in front of the waterfall is a barrage for redirecting the young Simme. This measure to prevent the valley floor from flooding was taken back in the late 18th century. Barbara was the name of a former female hotel manager who initiated the development of the Simmenfälle and the dam for tourists.

«Sibe Brünne», Barbarabrücke and Simmenfälle are situated at the very back, at the end of the valley, five kilometres behind the village of Lenk.


Hiking tip
The hike begins at the Simmenfälle. After a steep climb you will reach the Barbarabrücke bridge. The ice-cold water, which sprays over the bridge, provides a welcome cool-down. The path leading up to the forest is windy and you will be able to see deep trenches where the Simme has eaten into the rock. On arriving at Rezliberg Alp, you are now at the birth place of the Simme. We recommend extending the hike across the Langermatte to Iffigenalp The route carries on across alpine meadows, passing mountain chalets on Langermatte, and continuing to Iffigenalp. The bus takes you back to Lenk village from Iffigenalp.

By train to the Lenk and then by foot or bus up to the Simmenfälle.

Walking time
Simmenfälle to Sibe Brünne (seven springs): 1h 15min

Sibe Brünne to Iffigenalp: 2h 20min

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Lenk Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35

Lenk Simmental Tourism

Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 33 736 35 35

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