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Trail running

Running off the beaten path

Trail running Betelberg

«Just you – your movement and your breathing. Your feet carry you along a narrow path over stones and roots. You focus on every step, while also taking in the surroundings and the breath-taking view. You feel free and far from the everyday stress of life. That and much more is what trail running is» write Stefanie Mayer and Gabriel Lombriser in a blog post on running.COACH.

Trail running begins where the beaten paths end. Discovering nature in running shoes on hiking and mountain paths might sound like an extreme sport. But like with everything, you can start with small events and short distances that don't have too much climbing. You can always move up.

With trail running you are out in nature and the weather, nutrition, and the ups and downs are challenging. At the same time it is a bit less serious. If you're unable to continue running, simply take a break and walk for a bit. Running over stones, tree roots and through streams is not just a unique experience, but the uneven ground and the obstacles also train endurance and well as coordination and concentration. As the whole body has to work on stabilising you, more muscle groups are used than when running on the road.

Simmental is full of running trails. So go ahead and find a route to run today.


Recommended equipment
Trail running shoes with good grip, breathable running clothes and a trail running rucksack or vest, with enough space for food, a rain and wind jacket, mobile phone etc.

Equipment is available in the local sports shops.

Find out about the hiking paths.
You can find recommended routes, including details about the altitude and GPX data in the tour planner.

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Lenk-Simmental Tourism

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