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Cross-country skiing at Leiterli

Cross-country skiing classic and skating

A paradise for cross-country skiers

Fresh air flows through the lungs, the muscles tighten vigorously and give a lot of momentum which then becomes a smooth gliding motion. Take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful feeling of being able to reach anywhere and everywhere in the whole world!

Cross-country skiing is a passion and, at Lenk and in the Simmental, an absolute delight!

Boundless expanse

Those looking for a Nordic winter sport challenge are in exactly the right place at Lenk and in the Simmental. The trails extend through a total of five areas and around 60 kilometres – pure cross-country skiing pleasure! It is now or never! Grab your cross-country skis and let yourself be enchanted by the winter fairytale landscapes. If you do not have all the equipment you need, you can rent everything for cross-country skiing from the Nordic Zentrum and other sports shops nearby.

Nordic Zentrum Lenk
Nordic Zentrum Lenk

A rich variety of trails

The circular trail takes you through 10 charming kilometres, from Lenk to the Simmenfälle, and back. For the hobby athlete, the Lenk-St. Stephan-Zweisimmen trail offers the 13 kilometres. The wonderfully wide and flat valley floor, as well as the idyllic landscape, ensures that cross-country skiing is a real delight. Those who want to be closer to the mountainous areas can try out the Haslerberg-Betelberg trail which is at a sporty altitude of around 2’000 metres above sea level. Amazing views and superb landscapes are guaranteed on the Jaunpass-Boltigen trail, too.

Slopes at Lenk (in German)

Brochure Boltigen-Jaunpass (in German)

Langlaufen Lenk
Cross-country skiing at Lenk

The challenge

Mastering a challenge is one thing, challenging a champion, another. Lenk understands how to always provide good and advanced skiers with new attractions. Thanks to the varied and challenging routes, each and every athlete can test him or herself anew and check on his or her prowess.

Noctural adventure

On the Jaun, lit trails attract nocturnal skiers each Wednesday and Saturday until 10 p.m. Also on the Rossberg cross-country skiers will find a nice trail lightened until 10 p.m. A truly wonderful opportunity to clear one’s head!

Practice makes perfect

You want to improve your skiing technique, take on challenges with your friends, or you are just curious what cross-country skiing feels like? No problem! Are you interested in the classic technique or the slightly faster skating? At Lenk, there are professional cross-country skiing lessons for everyone, for the young and young at heart, for the advanced or the novice.

Why not book your cross-country course and get way ahead of your friends!

Skating Lenk vor Wildstrubel
Skating at Lenk in front of the Wildstrubel