Gryden at the Lenk in the Simmental

Hiking at the probably most beautiful valley end of the Alps

Over hill and dale

The air is getting fresher and clearer – we’ll soon be there. And the reward for all that climbing is the breathtaking view.

Adventurous recreation

The way into the Simmental gives a breathtaking first view of the three peaks of the Wildstrubel. The opulent massif guards the valley, forming both the natural end to the valley and the border with Valais.

The rucksack already packed and hiking shoes laced, everything is ready for the Wildstrubel up-close experience.

View from the Hohberg to the Mittaghorn
View from the Hohberg to the Mittaghorn

Visiting the marmots

Today’s destination is the Wildstrubel mountain hut. It is about four hours away from our starting point, the Iffigenalp. The ascent is steep and beads of sweat are forming, but with the eager anticipation of the goal and the beauty of the high alpine mountain landscape, it is worth the effort.

Here and there, peeping out from behind a stone on the scree fields, is a fast and fluffy little thing. Hardly has one caught a glimpse of it, it is gone again. This lively little guy finally unmasks himself. The marmot whistles loudly to his companions to warn them.

Wildstrubel mountain hut
Wildstrubel mountain hut

Fantastic view stretching into the distance

The view into the valley becomes more impressive with each step. After a brief stop at the beautiful Rawilsee lake it is about one and a half hours more to the Wildstrubel mountain hut.

Arriving at the Wildstrubel hut, the radiant smile could not be any wider. Proud to have managed the climb, taking a long look at the expanse of the valley. It’s a truly great feeling up here, enjoying lungfuls of the glorious fresh air, free from everyday pressures.

The Wildstrubel mountain hut is 2’793 metres above sea level, and although it bears the name of the mountain range, it is not actually on the Wildstrubel, but between the Weisshorn and a mountain called the Rohrbachstein. Many hikers carry on for a second day, along the Plaine Morte Glacier on their way to the three peaks of the Wildstrubel.

Lake Rawilseeli
Lake Rawilseeli

Spilt paint pots

The terrace of the Wildstrubel hut is the perfect setting to settle down with a coffee and admire the colourful evening spectacle – the sunset. It looks like someone emptied pots of paint all over the sky. Intense reds and yellows shimmering over a misty sea, with a peak protruding here and there. A sight so beautiful that you almost have to pinch yourself to believe it’s real.

Hunting for shooting stars

The night sky is strewn with stars. You’ll need to supply yourself with plenty of wishes to take to the Wildstrubel hut, so that you can wish on every single shooting star you see. Be careful not to miss any.

You will never sleep as soundly as up here. Happy and content, you are probably dreaming in the most vivid colours of what the next day could bring.