The Simmental – a paradise for mountain herbs

Soothing Alpine plantain and fragrant oregano

They are mouth-wateringly delicious, relieve itching caused by insect bites and help you to feel a little less cold in sub-zero temperatures. We are of course talking about the very special plants found throughout the Simmental:

The Simmental faces both to the east and west, so the sunlight is very intense. Locals even say that the summer sun in their valley is almost as strong as in equatorial regions. This intensity allows the herbs and plants to develop strong flavours. The cool nights also ensure that they grow slowly and steadily.

Mountain herbs garden: producing ointments
Producing ointments

First aid from nature

Herbs have special healing powers.

Different plants need to be processed differently to extract their special powers. Some herbs are made into tinctures or ointment using water or oils. Others are dried to make tea or are used fresh. If you are bitten by an insect while hiking, you need only turn to the wayside, grab a handful of the alpine plantain that grows throughout the valley and rub some juice from the leaves on the bite. The itching and burning will stop immediately.

Medicinal herb cabinet

Making ointments is very easy. All you need is fresh herbs, hot water and oil. Give it a try and learn more about nature and the natural healing powers of plants. It is important to take care when collecting the herbs. Make sure you do not accidentally pick a poisonous plant. You can find pictures and information about the plants in books, on the Internet or via apps. If you are unsure, you can just ask one of the locals. The residents of the Simmental live close to nature and have a very strong connection to the natural world around them. Many of them have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the region’s indigenous plants.

Full solar energy

You’ll find herbs in every household. They are used to flavour food or make tea on cold winter days. The favourable conditions in the Simmental even allow Mediterranean oregano to grow. The sun-drenched herbs from the Bernese Oberland are carefully processed using only natural methods and are used to make a number of different blends.

Mountain herbs

Forget time

Go where your curiosity takes you rather than following a set path

In the Simmental you don’t need to search for herbs as you’ll find them at every turn. There are countless meadows with a huge variety of different species, and many different plants also grow by the roadside. Watch the butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower. You have found a place where you can forget the everyday hustle and bustle and just appreciate the beauty of nature.

Dry mountain herbs
Dry mountain herbs

Swiss Alpine Herbs

Mountain herbs have a special importance in the Simmental

Swiss Alpine Herbs has its headquarter in Därstetten and uses bio mountain herbs, flowers and other natural products since 1991. They produce bouillons, teas, spices and other products. Everything directly from the
«Swiss herbal garden».