On tour with colleagues – Fondue in the forest

On tour with colleagues

Friends, snow and Fondue

Lenk and the Simmental are ideal for groups seeking memorable experiences. Undertake something together – with friends, colleagues, a team – it will truly be a lot of fun. In winter, the range of activities offered is wider than just skiing or snowboarding. Lying in the shallow end of the valley, this charming winter wonderland forms the backdrop of a day full of good moods and great outdoor experiences that you will not forget so easily.


It is also called «farmers-curling» and fits in wonderfully with Lenk’s mountain landscape.

As a warm up, two or three rounds of curling are first played. As the ice melts, moods are boosted. Curling is easy to learn and before you know it, sporting ambitions develop. Even those claiming to be more of the couch potato type cannot resist getting in on the action and throwing. The ideal first step to getting into gear for the day.

Advantage for women!

Strength is hardly needed, but feeling is required

In principle, curling is played just like boccia. Ultimately, it is all about which team, comprised of either men or women, can get its curling stone closest to the house center known as the button. With much momentum, the opposing team can use their stones to push others further from the goal – this is the rather manly part of the story. Whether it be with brute force or unerring sensibility, everybody can play the game.

Everybody has fun curling, even on your first go

The introduction to curling is short and painless. Swing it three times then away with it! After only ten minutes, competitive fever will set in. Here at Lenk, larger groups of up to 40 players can play simultaneously. It is always played four against four. No specialized equipment is needed and it can even be played during snowfall. The perfect prelude to an enjoyable group experience at Lenk.

Gruppenerlebnisse im Schnee – Eisstockschiessen
Curling at Lenk

Brewery tour

Yeast, malt, hops and water from the Simme

Simmentaler beer is still very young, as are its makers. It is brewed just as it was done years ago – by hand and with the most basic ingredients. If you have ever been on a tour of a brewery before, you will be pleasantly surprised here. Instead of a showroom, the tour starts directly where the brewing happens; instead of posters and slide shows, you get to grab a handful of malt and lend a hand. Those who have been here know how beer is made and, above all, that it is hard work involving a lot of patience.

As a reward, guests get to taste a small but excellent range of beers. Of course the tour is personally accompanied by the brewing master who provides enthusiastic and knowledgeable insights accordingly.

Brauereibesichtigung Simmentaler Bier
Visiting the local beer brewery Simmentaler Bier