The force of water in the Simmental

Rushing water and places of power

The noise gets louder and louder as you realise that the Iffigfall waterfall is bigger than you expected. As the suspense grows you start to walk faster as you wonder what the imposing waterfall looks like. The white spray is already visible through the trees. At the last bend, you are surrounded by a fine mist.

A welcome relief from the warm summer air

The water plunges more than 100 metres over a number of cascades. Its incredible power is breath-taking. The plants around the waterfall are lush and green. The drops of water on the grass at the foot of the waterfall sparkle like thousands of tiny crystals. The Iffigfall belongs to the Gelten-Iffigen Nature Reserve and with its natural stream is one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland.

Iffigfall at Lenk
Iffigfall at Lenk

Recharge your batteries

As you slowly approach the wild rushing water, you feel larger and larger drops of water on your skin

You stretch out your arms and close your eyes, listening to the roar and breathing in the clear fresh air. Your soaking wet clothes are dried by the warmth of the sun. This is a place where you can really feel alive and recharge your batteries.

The gorge Wallbachschlucht at Lenk
The gorge Wallbachschlucht at Lenk

The search for the source

Pack your rucksack and put on a pair of sturdy shoes

Set out in search of the source of the Simme, the river after which the valley is named, which flows for over 55 kilometres through the Bernese Oberland from Lenk down to Wimmis bei Spiez.

Your first stop is the Simmen falls, not far from Lenk. It’s beautiful here, and you want nothing more than to stay at this waterfall watching the frothing spray dance in the sunlight.

Under the rainbow

A narrow road winds along the roaring Simmen falls up to the Barbara bridge. The fine mist from the falls is pleasantly refreshing, and you might just be lucky enough to cross the bridge while a rainbow arches over it – a spectacle that will put a smile on the faces of young and old. Letting out a cry of joy is positively encouraged and will put you in a wonderful mood.

The «Siebenbrunnen» (seven springs) spectacle of nature

After an hour’s walk you see a wall of cascading water in the distance. You have reached the source of the Simme. The limestone rock face from which the source gushes is about 30 metres wide Water rushes and splashes from seven cracks, which is why it is named «Siebenbrunnen». Take time to linger. Hungry? Treat yourself to a picnic. Take off your shoes and socks, cool your feet in the fresh spring water, let your thoughts go with the flow of the water. Here you are very close to nature. Pure relaxation!

Siebenbrunnen – the source of the Simme
Siebenbrunnen – the source of the Simme