FIT2020 | Lenk-Simmental


Scaling new tourism heights together


Lenk and the Simmental thrive on tourism, either directly or indirectly. A healthy, sustainable industry needs strong players who take the reins: the community of Lenk, Lenk Bergbahnen and Lenk-Simmental Tourism have therefore implemented their own initiative with the FIT2020 Lenk programme, a vision that will give the region new impetus. The programme will be implemented together with the population and the guests. The strategy of the three protagonists from politics and tourism is to include 17 specific projects in the areas of tourism and leisure infrastructure, accommodation and food, transport and the village, as well as tourism awareness.


FIT2020 Lenk
Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk im Simmental
Tel. +41 79 736 20 20