Alpine etiquette

We follow these rules for a relaxing holiday and for the care of nature, animals and people.

We take our waste back with us.

We use the existing grill sites.

We stay on the marked trails and thus protect animals and the natural habitat.

We enjoy the tranquillity of nature.

We wear the appropriate equipment when we are in the mountains.

We use the paths together and respect the others.

Contact with cows: the right way

When hiking, you encounter herds of cows again and again. To ensure that these encounters go off without a hitch, the advisory board for accident prevention in agriculture (BUL) has drawn up three main rules, and Beef Cattle Switzerland and the Swiss hiking trail association have produced a short film on the subject.

Avoid animals over a wide area. Instead, the alpine meadows may also be entered.

Don’t touch the cattles or calves under any circumstances.

Keep your dog on a short leash.