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Rolling countryside and sun-kissed mountain terraces

The landscape is gentle, the valley floor flat, and the mountain terraces enjoy plenty of sun. This is what makes for happy holidays in the Simmental.



The highpoints of our mountain summer include the Lenk Älplerfest, the seasonal parade of the decorated cows to and from the highest pasturages in St. Stephan, and the traditional Farmers’ Market in Boltigen. Summertime in the Simmental is simply a mountain paradise for cascading waterfalls, hikers, and bikers. The valley is family-friendly and has countless offerings for young and old.

Lenk is connected in the winter with Adelboden ski area, both of which are famous for their «Adelboden-Lenk… dänk!» wintertime slogan. Whether on the family-style Betelberg, on Metsch, on Bühlberg, on the Jaunpass (above Boltigen) or on the Rossberg (vis-à-vis Oberwil), wonderfully-prepared slopes await you!



The Simmental’s first highlight. The Stockhorn peak at 2’190 metres above sea level.

Amazing views


The Stockhornbahn cable car takes you to an altitude of 2’190 metres, to the summit with its panoramic restaurant.



At one time, the cream of Europe’s aristocracy flocked here. Ancient walls bear witness to its great past.

Great stories


The castle ruins and the remains of the walls of the once thriving Weissenburgbad spa are evidence of how important the former health resort with its hot spring once was.



The village is situated slightly above the valley. The pristine countryside is ideal for hiking.

a little paradise


The village is just off the road that leads through the valley. The prettily painted Simmental houses and the Church of St Maurice are well worth seeing.

Boltigen / Jaunpass


In summer, Boltigen is the starting point for exploring the unique moorland.

a real find


From Boltigen it is not far to the Jaun Pass, which links the Simmental and the Gruyère region. The unique moorland at Jaun is delightful with its variety of mountain plants.

St. Stephan / Matten


In summer, hikers and nature-lovers discover unique high valleys on their expeditions.

pretty mountain village


St. Stephan with its fine historic church from the twelfth century is surrounded and anchored in the village setting with its traditional Simmental houses.



Right at the top of the Simmental, at the foot of the Wildstrubel, is Lenk village, at 1’068 metres above sea level.

the most beautiful valley head


In summer, Lenk offers delightful walks along the pass, exhilarating high mountain tours, flowering Alpine meadows, rushing waterfalls and crystal-clear mountain lakes. A hiker’s paradise for families and nature-lovers!