Connecting past and present

AlpKultur® and the Simmental

AlpKultur® in the Simmental spans epochs. It shows the traditional and modern ways of life of alpine and mountain farming in the Simmental. Get to know the peculiarities and beauty of the home of the world-famous Simmental cow and make contact with the local population.

A highlight is the AlpKultur Tage Lenk with the alpine festival and alpine breakfast as well as the hornussen tournament! Other traditional events are the Buremärit Boltigen and the Alpabfahrt St. Stephan.

Everything your heart desires

The agritourism businesses sell delicious AlpKultur® products from their own production and offer much more:
Mountain huts and mountain inns - visits to cheese dairies, alpine farms and farmhouses - working on the alp or on the farm - sleeping on the alp, in the mountain inn or on the farm - experiencing alpine animals up close - alpine wellness in the hotpot on the alp and alp sports.

AlpKultur® products - award for quality

There are many high-quality local products in the Simmental. To give these Simmental products a face, they are marketed under the AlpKultur® brand. All products that are allowed to carry the label can be recognized as products made in the Simmental by the AlpKultur® label.

The majority of partner businesses with the AlpKultur® label are producers, restaurants and alpine pastures. We and our partners are very pleased if you visit the businesses during your stay in the Simmental and taste the sustainably produced products and take them home with you.

AlpKultur® events - living customs

Alpine descents, cheese sharing, farmers' markets, village festivals with performances by traditional costume groups and yodeling choirs. Customs and traditions are still alive in the Simmental. Come and see for yourself at one of the AlpKultur events.