Age of children

Listen to some beautiful music


Summer Academy of Music

The Summer Academy Lenk offers every year from the 22th of August until the second of September 2016 high quality lessons to students from all over the world. In the evenings, the lecturers and students hold classical concerts in the Reformed Church Lenk.

Off to the alps


The cows have summer holidays

It is vivid in the Alps of the Simmental. Humans and animals have moved from the valley to the fresh pastures higher up. With the start of the alp season stand many experiences of Alpine Culture are in focus. Alpine Culture shows tradition and modernity of the Simmental. Browse through these experiences and take part in the life in the Simmental.


An experience shared

We share your experiences with us. You are going out live, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Be blown away by your experiences in Lenk and Simmental – and keep posting about it.

Over hill and dale


Not only the miller’s delight

The air is getting fresher and clearer – we’ll soon be there. And the reward for all that climbing is the breathtaking view. What is your next mountain hiking trip?

Weissenburg Bad


Site of the month in June

Up above the Weissenburg a warm spring issues from a rocky crevice. For more than 350 remarkable years, the Bath Weissenburg has been a renowned health spa. Discover Switzerland’s unknown past throughout the year. In June the Weissenburg Bad is to discover.

Tempting views


Mountain railways inclusive

The mountain railways in Lenk are inclusive upon one night in a hotel. Take advantage of this offer and discover the experiences on the mountain.

Families welcome

Children’s program inclusive

In the summer fun and entertainment for our little guests are very large on the agenda. The varied children’s program with over ten memorable experiences is included for our children, who are spending the night in a local hotel.

The program takes place from the 4th of July till the 26th of August and from the 26th of September until the 28th of October 2016.

Planing of the kids entertainment program

Mountain herbs


Healing and seasoning

Fresh air, plenty of sun, clean water. The purity of nature in the Simmental offers the perfect conditions for delicious herbs and healing plants to thrive.



Inspiring sources

The Simmental is home to a number of breathtaking waterfalls. Set out and discover the rushing water and the pure sources of the Simme.

Being outside is good for you


Good Mood Tour

The areas that are pastures for the cows in the summer become wilderness in the winter. It is not difficult to walk in snowshoes, even for beginners. Anyone who is fairly fit and good on his or her feet can go snowshoe trekking. And the Simmental Valley is a real snowshoe paradise.

Slopes prepared?


Ask Pisten-Jürg!

The slopes at Lenk are well groomed. That is because Jürg Klopfenstein and his team are on the go day and night, long before the first cable way starts operation. Now you can take a digital ride on the snowcat and accompany Jürg and his team. If you want to know where all the beautiful spots are, simply ask Jürg.

It doesn’t get better than this

Spring on the Course

Get on the course again and enjoy it now! Jack Frost has blessed the Lenk and Simmental resorts with lots of snow. Now the spring sun is even warming up too. The Stand-Xpress and the Bühlberg-Chairlift are still in operation until 10th April 2016. The Betelberg-Gondolalift and the Wallegg II Zone are also still open until 3rd April.

On tour with the Slope Manager

The Real Little House Gnomes

Night after night, slope manager Jürg Klopfenstein and his men are on the move so that guests can enjoy winter on perfectly groomed slopes during the day. Within the day, even with good snow conditions, the slopes would become unusable and brown without daily grooming.


Slopestyle Forever

In March, the party really starts with the G.M.P. events! A slope-style party in the snow!


Nature and Fondue at a Trot

In winter, it is especially lovely to discover nature with horsepower in Lenk and the Simmental. You can enjoy a sporty ride up to the Ross with1 h.p. or, very comfortably, in a carriage with 2 h.p., along with a cosy chat and fondue.

Everyone is happy

Holidays in the snow
for children and parents

We in Lenk and the Simmental know what families with young children need for the perfect family holiday in the snow.

The Simmental Cow

Cowbells and world fame

If you open the window in the Simmental, you will hear cowbells ringing – sometimes close by, sometimes further away. This is a sure sign that you have left your everyday life behind.