Winter hiking in fairyland

On foot in the Simmental

Take a deep breath, switch off, recharge your batteries

Fresh mountain air, endless silence and the soft crackling of the sinking snow under your boots - winter hiking on the Lenk allows you to take a break from stressful everyday life and promises you stunning panoramas.

Crystal clear mountain air, boundless silence

Balm for the soul

Are you looking for variety and don't always want to do the same tour? The hiking routes in Lenk are varied and are characterized by a wealth of diversity. Whether the tour takes you around the village of Lenk, on the Betelberg, Bühlberg-Metsch or in Boltigen on the Jaunpass, there is always something new to discover.

Enchanting hike

Snow-covered mountains, mysterious forests and charming pass hikes make you feel like you've landed in a fairy tale. Meltwater drips from the trees, sounds are muffled, your heavy boots crunch in the snow. Close your eyes, surrender completely to nature and let yourself be enchanted.

A thirst for adventure

The winter hiking trail in the pass area is located on the Jaun Pass, which is also known as the jewel of Boltigen. On the 7 km long prepared route, 2 km are illuminated until 11.00 pm. Discover your thirst for adventure and immerse yourself in the mysterious winter world where fox and hare say goodnight.

Breathtaking panorama

One last step, a deep breath - done! Your gaze wanders proudly over the overwhelming picture before your eyes. The sun warms your face, the snow glistens like a carpet of ice crystals - a picture-perfect scene. You stand there for minutes and enjoy the wonderful spectacle. Good, you've torn yourself away from your couch - it certainly hasn't hurt your self-confidence!