Hiking and mountain trails

Over hill and dale in a breathtaking landscape

With over 600 km of signposted hiking and mountain trails, the Simmental and Lenk are an absolute hiking paradise. Pristine and mystical, mysterious and yet equally familiar. Experience nature and marvel at steel-blue mountain lakes, mysterious forests, the Plaine Morte glacier and thundering waterfalls.

When the snow gives way to lush green alpine meadows in spring, the green valley of the Simme awakens from its winter slumber and reveals itself as a lovely hiking paradise. Thanks to its special characteristics, the Simmental offers hiking routes for every taste. The flat valley floor is ideal for long walks, but is also the starting point for challenging high mountain tours. The crossings into the adjacent valleys or over the Rawil Pass into the canton of Valais have a special charm. With the Plaine Morte glacier below the Wildstrubel or the ascent of the Wildhorn with a section over the glacier, very varied terrain can be explored on hiking and mountain tours.

The 111-metre-high and 111-metre-long Leiternweide suspension bridge in Oberwil is a dizzying experience. Those who like to collect points can go on a hike with the mountain pub pass. If you visit 8 of the 19 mountain inns in the Simmental, you will receive a great prize. If you have a high summit goal or appreciate expert company, local hiking guides or mountain guides will be happy to guide you through the Simmental. On fantastic multi-day tours such as the Tour du Wildhorn or the AlpnessTrail, you can leave everyday life behind you and enjoy slowing down in the mountains.

Mountain lodges and SAC huts offer accommodation for hikes lasting several days. After a hike or mountain tour, enjoy the views and indulge in the culinary delights of traditional hut menus.

The national hiking route 1 (Via Alpina) leads through the Simmental. Lenk is the starting and finishing point for stages of the Via Alpina, which leads right across Switzerland. There are also descriptions of local routes in the Simmental on SwitzerlandMobility.