©  (c) Walter Rieder / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus AG
©  (c) Lenk-Simmental Tourismus / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus AG
©  (c) Lenk-Simmental Tourismus / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus AG
©  (c) Lenk-Simmental Tourismus / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus AG
©  (c) Walter Rieder / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus AG

Wildstrubel (3244 m ü. M.)

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  • Difficulty
  • Duration 8:20 h
  • Distance 17,6 km
  • 2187 hm
  • 2187 hm

From the Simmenfälle restaurant, follow the alpine road to the Siebenbrunnen, the source of the Simme. At the foot of the mighty limestone wall, the Simme emerges foaming white. It's worth stopping for refreshments here, because now it gets steep. On a partly exposed mountain path, accompanied by running water, the trail climbs steeply up to the Fluesee lake, which lies at 2,045 m above sea level. The lake is surrounded by towering rock faces to the south and an open view to the north of Lenk. The path remains steep and becomes increasingly stony. The higher you climb, the more barren the alpine stone desert becomes. Before crossing the glacier stream, the trail branches off from the official network of paths and from here on is only marked by stone mandli. The huge Plaine Morte glacier is soon reached. The last 500 m or so are still steep, but the view of the Bernese and Valais peaks becomes more impressive with every meter of altitude. With good visibility, the summits of Mont Blac, the Matterhorn and many other Alpine peaks can be seen from the Wildstrubel.

After a well-earned break, you return to the valley along the same route.

  • Approach

    Ride from the village of Lenk to the Simmenfälle restaurant.

  • Take the local bus from Lenk railroad station to the Simmen Falls: www.sbb.ch

  • Parking spaces at the Simmenfälle restaurant

  • Simmen Falls - Siebenbrunnen - Fluhsee - Wildstrubel → return

  • This alpine mountain tour is only suitable for sure-footed and experienced hikers in good physical condition! A head for heights is required on the ascent to the Fluhsee.

  • In the mountains, the weather can change unexpectedly quickly, so good clothing and sufficient provisions are essential, even in summer.

  • You can spend the night in the unmanaged Fluhseehütte. Reservations are obligatory. The sunsets there are a unique experience.