Silva-Trail Iffigfall

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©  (c) Rahel Rösti / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus
©  (c) Lenk-Simmental Tourismus / Lenk-Simmental Tourismus AG
©  (c) Lenk-Simmental Tourisums
  • Difficulty
  • Duration 1:55 h
  • Distance 11,2 km
  • 221 hm
  • 221 hm

The first eye-catcher on this easy tour is the panorama across Lenkerseeli to the end of the valley. Continuing across the valley floor, the trail enters the forest at Ey and the first few meters in altitude lead to a hill with a large clearing. From here, the path climbs gently and steadily, following the natural course of the Iffigbach stream. As soon as the trees thin out, the Iffig Falls appear.

The water plunges more than a hundred meters over several cascades into the depths. An incredible force that can be felt. The plants around the waterfall are lush green. The drops of water on the meadow at the foot of the waterfall glisten as if countless tiny crystals had been scattered here by magic.

The same route takes you back to the village with a fresh mind and hopefully still light legs. Or you can take the bus (Iffigfall bus stop) back to the village.