Nature and fondue on the trot

Culinary on the road

After the Confederates' victory at Grandson (1476), the Simmental received 100 stallions as spoils of war. From these, a hardy breed developed on the "grassy meadows" and was sold all over the world. They were named Erlenbacher after their market town of Erlenbach.

Valley of the horses

The history of horse breeding in the Simmental is documented in the Agensteinhaus museum in Erlenbach. The Erlenbacher was a half-breed. A horse that was very good for riding and pulling. The Bernese patricians valued the breed as draught horses for their carriages. Around 1780, Erlenbach alone had around 22 stallion breeders.

The last Swiss horse breed still bred today is the Freiberger. It originates from the Jura. In the Simmental, after horse breeding became increasingly insignificant in the 18th century, breeders turned to Simmental cattle - with incredible success! The Simmental cow has achieved world fame.

Fantastic rides in beautiful nature

Riding is one of the most popular leisure activities in Switzerland. Around 140,000 equestrians (well over 80% of riders are women) take to the saddle at least once in a while. Lenk and the Simmental are also a wonderful place for this. The flat valley floor is ideal for horseback riding and new, magnificent views open up around every crest and every bend.

Relaxed enjoyment with 2 hp

Even those who don't want to get on a horse can enjoy nature with horsepower

It's as cozy as it sounds: In the aperitif or fondue carriage, you ride through the wonderful countryside to the rhythmic jingle of the bridle.

On horseback

Short rides along the Simme are also possible for less sporty riders. Ambitious equestrian sports enthusiasts can also tackle the slopes to the left and right and experience day tours with challenging passages.

For beginners, a vacation is perhaps the ideal time to get a taste of horses and stables for the first time. For example, at the riding center at the Hotel Simmenhof in Lenk. With personal care, you not only learn how to handle horses, but also get to know the special friendliness of the valley. Especially for children, vacations with a daily visit to the stables and riding lessons are an ideal way to make the vacations interesting and at the same time get a quick introduction to equestrian sports.