Literally over hill and dale

Mountain hiking at what is probably the most beautiful valley end in the Alps

Adventurous recreation

On the way to Simmental, the view of the Wildstrubel opens up early on. The mountain massif guards the valley, forms its end and marks the border with Valais.

The rucksack is packed and the hiking boots are laced up. Everything is ready to experience the Wildstrubel up close.

Visiting the marmots

The day's destination is the Wildstrubelhütte. It is around four hours from Iffigenalp, our starting point. The ascent is steep and demands a few beads of sweat. But the goal in sight and the beauty of the high alpine mountain landscape make up for the effort.

Here and there in the scree fields, a fluffy little thing peeps out from behind a stone at lightning speed. As soon as you see it, it's gone again. The bright little creature finally unmasks itself. The marmot whistles loudly to its fellow marmots and warns them.

Fantastic views and foresight

The view of the valley becomes more impressive with every step. After a short stop at the beautiful Rawilsee lake, it's another hour and a half to the Wildstrubelhütte.

When you arrive at the Wildstrubelhütte, the beaming smile on your face widens even more. Proud to have mastered this ascent, you gaze into the vastness of the valley. Taking deep breaths, you enjoy the clear air and the wonderful feeling of being free from the everyday up here.

The Wildstrubelhütte is 2,793 m above sea level and although it bears the name of the mountain range, it is not located on the Wildstrubel, but between the Weisshorn and a mountain called Rohrbachstein. On the second day, many hikers make their way along the Plaine Morte glacier to the three peaks of the Wildstrubel.

Mountain hiking

Overturned paint pots

While enjoying a coffee on the terrace of the Wildstrubelhütte, you can marvel at the evening color spectacle of the sunset. It seems as if someone has emptied a pot of paint into the sky. Intense shades of red and yellow above a sea of mist from which the occasional mountain peak emerges. A sight so beautiful that you will probably have to pinch yourself.

On the hunt for shooting stars

The night sky is starry. You can take lots of wishes with you to the Wildstrubelhütte so that you can give each shooting star a wish. Make sure you don't miss any.

You won't sleep as deeply and soundly as up here again any time soon. Happy and content, you will dream in the most beautiful colors of what the next day will bring.