Friends, snow and fondue

Group experiences in the snow


It's also known as farmer's curling and it fits in wonderfully with the mountain world of Lenk.

Two or three games of curling as a warm-up. The ice melts and the mood rises. Curling is easy to learn and sporting ambitions soon develop. Even those who refuse to exercise can't resist the simple hurling motion. The ideal way to get started and get up to speed right at the beginning.

Advantage for women!

Hardly any strength is needed, feeling is required

In principle, curling works like boccia. Ultimately, it's about which male or female team can place more of their sticks closer to the stave. Opposing sticks can also be kicked out of the target with momentum, which is more the male part of the story. But regardless of whether you use brute force or accurate finesse, everyone can play.

Curling is simply fun, even at the first attempt

The introduction to curling is short and sweet. Swing it three times and off you go. After a maximum of 10 minutes, everyone is already in competition fever. The game is always four against four. Here at Lenk, even larger groups of up to 40 people can play at the same time. No special equipment is required and you can continue playing even when it's snowing. The perfect start to a fun group experience in Lenk.

Brewery tour

Yeast, malt, hops and water from the Simme

Simmental beer is still very young, just like its makers. It is brewed as it was in the old days - by hand and with the simplest of basic ingredients. Anyone who has ever been on a tour of a brewery will be surprised. Instead of the showroom, you go straight to the brewery, instead of posters and slide shows, you grab the malt sack and lend a hand. Anyone who has been here knows how beer is made and, above all, that it is hard work that requires a lot of patience.

The reward is a tasting of the small but fine range of beers - accompanied by the master brewer himself, of course, and commented on with great enthusiasm and expertise.