Soothing alpine plantain and fragrant oregano

The Simmental - an Eldorado for mountain herbs

The Simmental valley faces both east and west. This means that the sun's rays are very intense. Simmental locals even say that the power of the sun in their valley in summer is comparable to that at the height of the equator. This intensity gives the herbs and plants the opportunity to develop a great deal of aroma. The cool nights also contribute to this, ensuring slow, even growth.

First aid from nature

Herbs have special healing powers.

Plants are processed in very different ways to extract their special powers. Some herbs are processed with water or oil to make tinctures or ointments. Other herbs are dried to make tea or used fresh. If you are stung by an insect while hiking, all you have to do is look for the widespread alpine plantain by the wayside and apply some of the juice from the leaves to the sting. The itching and burning will stop immediately.

Herbal medicine chest

Making ointments is very easy. All you need is fresh herbs, hot water and oil. Try it out and get to know nature and the natural healing powers of plants better. It is important to take care when collecting. Make sure that you do not accidentally pick a poisonous plant. You can find the information and pictures you need to identify plants in books, on the internet or in apps. If you are unsure, you can also ask someone on site. The inhabitants of Simmental live close to nature and many of them have knowledge about the local plants.

Full of solar energy

There are herbs in every household: for refining dishes or in the form of tea for cold winter days. Even Mediterranean oregano grows under the excellent conditions in the Simmental. The sun-kissed herbs from the Bernese Oberland are processed as gently and naturally as possible into various blends.

Forget the time

Follow curiosity, not a goal

You don't have to look for herbs in the Simmental, you simply come across them at every turn. You will find species-rich meadows everywhere or even many different plants growing by the wayside. Watch the butterflies as they flutter carefree from flower to flower. You have found a place where you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply take a deep breath.

Swiss alpine herbs

Mountain herbs have a special significance in the Simmental

Swiss Alpine Herbs is based in Därstetten and has been processing organic Alpine herbs, flowers and other natural products into bouillons, teas, spices and other products since 1991. Everything comes directly from the
"Herb Garden of Switzerland".

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