Age of children


Combines past and present


In the Lenk-Simmental holiday destination, Alpine culture is alive and actively maintained. As our guest here, you will experience our centuries-old traditions 365 days a year. Follow the AlpKultur® label.

AlpKultur® in the Simmental spans the ages. It shows the traditional and modern ways of life in Alpine and mountain farming in the Simmental. Come and enjoy the individuality and the beauty of the home of the world-renowned Simmental cow, and get to know the local population.


The AlpKultur® days at Lenk, with its party and brunch, as well as the hornussen tournament are highlights!

Everything the heart desired


The agrotouristic businesses sell tasty AlpKultur® products made themselves and have much more to offer:

Mountain chut and Mountain restaurant – visits to a cheese factory, Alpine businesses and farms – working on the Alp or on the farm – sleeping out in the Alps, in a mountain guesthouse or on the farm – experience Alpine animals close up – Alpine-Wellness in the Hotpot on the Alp and Alpine-Sport.

AlpKultur® Products – Distinction for quality


In the Simmen Valley there are many high-quality local products. In order to give these Simmental products a profile, they are marketed using the AlpKultur® label. All offers which may carry this Label are recognisable by the etiquette AlpKultur® as products produced in Simmental.

Partner businesses using the label AlpKultur® are mostly factory producers, restaurants and Alps. We and our partners are very pleased when you visit the businesses during your stay in Simmental and taste the distinctive products and then take them home with you.

AlpKultur® Events – living tradition


Alpine descents, “Chästeilet” (the dividing of the cheese), farmers’ markets, village shows with performances by groups in traditional costumes and Jodler choirs. Customs and traditions are still lived out in Simmental. Let yourself be convinced with one of the AlpKultur® Events.