Winter like in a picture book

Family destination in winter too

Okay, you have to face up to this fact: Winter vacations with children are a challenge. Anyone who says otherwise has never been out in the snow with small, thickly wrapped balls. It shouldn't be too cold, not too steep and the nearest toilet shouldn't be too far away either. Vacations in the snow at Lenk and in the Simmental are suitable for families.

The first curves

Lenk-Simmental is a destination for the whole family and makes it easy for the youngest to get started on skis

The 2½ to 4-year-olds attend the Swiss Ski School Lenk with mom or dad. The 4-5-year-olds learn how to ski safely from the pros in the "Swiss Snow Kids Village". And from the age of 5, kids race down the slopes in group lessons. Yes, that's right: now you have time to take a few turns as a couple.