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General questions

Who is entitled to a guest card?

Every guest from the age of 6 who pays the tourist tax.

The SIMMENTAL CARD is given to guests in the municipalities of Lenk, St. Stephan, Boltigen, Oberwil, Weissenburg-Därstetten and Erlenbach.

From whom do I receive the guest card?

From the host.

  • Second home owners and their guests, through registration in advance with a personal login.
  • Guests staying at least one night in an accommodation establishment, issued by the accommodation provider (hotel, group accommodation, professional landlord).
  • Camping site guests through Lenk-Simmental Tourism or the camping ground operator.
Why did the guest card get digitalised?

In order to expand the services of the guest card, such as partial inclusion of public transport, it is essential to collect personal data. For this reason, the guest card system was converted from plastic cards to the digital version in 2018, with a transition period of two years.

What does “electronic” or “digital” mean?

This means that the hirers register each guest with the personal data in the guest card system and send them the guest card by email or printed.

At what age do I need a guest card?

Children between 0 and 5 years are not subject to visitor’s tax and do not need a guest card, therefore a guest card is required from the 6th birthday.

How is my data protected? What is the personal data used for?

Personal data will only be used with explicit permission (e.g. permission for email newsletters). Further information at www.lenk-simmental.ch/datenschutz.

Questions from second home owners & long-term tenants of holiday flats

Will I still get the previous plastic guest card?

No, the transitional period of two years expires on 31.12.2020.

How do I get the digital guest card as an owner / long-term tenant of a holiday flat / annual tenant of a campsite?
  1. On www.simmentalcard.ch are the links for entering the guest cards: “Annual cards 20XX for owners and permanent tenants” and “Temporary guest cards for guests”.
  2. In the next step, the access data (user name and password) are requested. Then the registration form opens, in which all persons are registered individually with their personal data.
  3. When all fields are filled in, the card is sent to the typed-in email address by clicking the blue bar. Immediately afterwards, the next person can be entered.
  4. As soon as the email with the guest card is opened in the inbox, each person decides for themselves how they would like to receive the card:

    Option 1 on the smartphone:
    The email with the guest card is opened on the smartphone via the email app. A link with the name of the guest and the card number is visible. After opening this link, the card is displayed and saved on the smartphone (in the “Wallet App” for iOS or in “PassWallet” for Android) via the black button “Add to Wallet”. From there, it can be opened at any time without an internet connection and shown when used. The public transport ticket must be loaded separately into the Wallet using “Add to Wallet”.

    Option 2 on paper:
    Open the email with the guest card and click on the PDF file in the attachment. The card can be printed on normal A4 paper. For practical storage in the wallet, the card is cut out and packed in a sleeve (sleeves are available free of charge at the Tourist Center).
How do I get the login data for the registration of the guest cards?

The login data are unique for each holiday flat / caravan and are sent by post to all flat owners & annual tenants camping each autumn. This data is managed by the owner and must not be openly exposed in the flat, but can be forwarded to the permanent tenant. If there is a change of tenant, the password can be changed by Lenk-Simmental Tourism.

Who registers the guest cards?

The flat owner / permanent tenant registers all cards for himself, his relatives and his guests.

Do I have to register a card for each guest individually?

Yes, each guest is recorded with first and last name and date of birth.
Cards with the imprint “Guest 1”, “Child Müller” etc. are not permitted and will be blocked.

How many digital guest cards can be obtained?

Unlimited, requirement is the recording of personal guest data per guest. The guest card is not transferable.

What if I don’t know the names of the guests?

If the names and dates of birth of all fellow travellers are not known, these must be requested from the guests. Please also note the point „Reduce effort“.

Where can I find the email address of the guests?

For hirers via LST:
For bookings via LST, the email address of the guests (if the guests have an email address) is shown on the booking confirmation. For bookings via third portals (e.g. Interhome, E-domizil etc.), the alias email address on the booking confirmation can be used for the query. If no address of this kind is available, please contact the Tourist Center so that we can check the email address with Interhome.

Can the guest card be sent to several email addresses?

When registering via the website www.simmentalcard.ch, an email address can be entered for each registered card. If the guest’s email address is not known, the guest’s own address can be entered. The card can then be easily forwarded to the guest by e-mail.

Why do cardholders have to be registered every year?

There are very many changes in flat users. The error rate for reusing the previously registered cards would be too high.
In addition, due to data protection guidelines, we are not allowed to take over the personal details from the guest card in order to issue new cards for the following year. The registration of a new guest card takes about two minutes per person and is acceptable from our perspective.

How can I reduce the registration effort if I am an accommodation provider, i.e. if I rent out my holiday flat?

With the Webclient4 tool, guests can be sent a link for self-registration in advance. Afterwards, the cards only have to be checked and sent by the hirer. For regular guests, there is no need to re-register and the cards can be sent again with the new date and a few clicks.
Please request the access data for the web client4 by email at: simmentalcard@lenk-simmental.ch

How is abuse prevented?

Because the guest card is personal, random checks are carried out at the points of acceptance (bus, train, bath ‘Erlebnisbad Wallbach’, tennis court, etc.) on the basis of an identity card or the validity of the cards is checked using a reader.

What should I do if I have lost my guest card?

Option 1:
New cards can be issued at any time with the login data.

Option 2:
If the email with the guest card can no longer be found, we can search for the card and resend it. With the Webclient4 , the cards can be resent themselves.

Does Lenk-Simmental Tourism give me support if I have questions?

If needed, we are pleased to help owners with the guest registration process and are also available for individual instruction on the phone or by appointment at the tourist centre.

simmentalcard@lenk-simmental.ch or by telephone at Tel. +41 33 736 35 35